Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Volunteer Opportunities

We would love for you to be a part of our children's and preschool ministry team!

If you have had no experience with kids NO PROBLEM!  We will do our best to help assist, train, and support all of our helpers for kids. 

Here are some of the ministries you can be a part of...

Sunday School- Sundays at 9:45am
Teacher - Our Sunday school classes are growing.  Currently we have a nursery and pre-K classes downstairs in our Education wing.  Upstairs we have 1-5th graders.  This group is growing and so we would love to expand our classes so that our teachers can have smaller numbers so that they can invest in them more effectively.
The material is provided to you in advance and you would teach from the material, but we encourage you to use personal experiences and sharing your own testimony as much as possible!  If you are comfortable talking to 6-10 kids at a time this would be a great place for you!

Assistant - Kid's love games and crafts and teachers need help setting things up.  The assistants help the teacher when it comes to the activities, games, and bathroom breaks.  The assistant also has opportunities to work with a smaller number of kids.  This would be a great fit if you are comfortable working behind the scenes or with 2-3 kids at a time.

Both the teacher and assistant should arrive at church at 9:30am to greet the kids as they enter.

ORANGE - Children's Church - Sundays 11am -
Great for youth to do!

Tech - If you know how to work a computer or would like to learn how we use technology in our children's department it's VERY SIMPLE.  Most of the program is already set up we just need people that could help with volume with our songs and progressing the slides on our powerpoint.

Good Influence Helpers - Kid's need examples and even just sitting with the kids as they listen to them message helps out a lot!  The good influence helpers may have to remind the kids to stay on task but for the most part by just participating the kids will follow as well.  The helpers may be asked to participate in an activity or impromptu skit, but no preparation beforehand is ever needed.

Leader - If you are good at acting or communicating to children this is a great place for you.  We would love to sit down and talk with you about how ORANGE works.  You can even come in and look at what the leader normally does.  Every week is different and involves a lot of flexibility but with a good ORANGE team, things go smoothly.

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