Tuesday, November 8, 2016


For the next two months the children's and youth department will be participating in a Compassions International Ministry called - H2GO -

We will be raising money to help bring clean water.  This will be such a great opportunity for churches, parents, and children to learn how we can help others across the world and bring the Gospel with us!

You will see large water jugs in the upstairs of the Lighthouse, and in the children's department (upstairs of the education wing).  You can drop in change or dollars into either container.  We will compete to see which group raises the most money the next two months.  On January 1st we will send our money.

More than just "raising money" we want to educate ourselves each week on what people are going through across the world.  Please take time as a family to listen to the stories and discuss with your children these difficult topics and situations.

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